Meet the team! Johnny the Greek.

Ioannis Kypraios  (aka me) is the newest addition to the JourneymanTribu project.

He is a person notoriously known for being antisocial and yet somehow ended up being the community liaison for the Project ;-).He studied Linguistics with Chinese in Newcastle upon Tyne and is currently looking for a job in the UK, hopefully with a great pay!

In his free time he likes watch scifi movies and argue with his girlfriend for silly things.


Get to know the team! Adam the coder.

Adam Bennet is our lead game engine developer. He is the one working on the Aware engine which runs JMP Tribute and he belongs to that unique group of people who think coding is fun.  After doing it all day at work, he goes home and does it some more!

As Adam points out some of his obsessions include rock climbing, changing diapers and watching Star Trek on Netflix with his soul l mateHe lives in the rainy state of Oregon, USA.

Adam the Coder!

Journeyman Project Tribute remake!

Hello everyone!

This is the first post and I am excited to announce to everyone the Official Journeyman Tribute blog. This blog will be about anything JourneymanTribu related. So far things have been mostly posted on Andy’s website, the person who started all this.

To check what Andy has been up to and for a first look of anything this is the place you should check:

To stay up to date with our progress and get notified of what we are up to (in real life as well as in the project) you had better follow us on twitter:

As for this blog this is were you can have your voiced heard, talk to the people actively participating and maybe offer help, advice or just ask anything you like.

Hope you will spread the word so that we get more people know about our project.